How to get started - 3 easy steps

You've got the package with your brand new robot vacuum cleaner, but what now?

1. Unpack the robot vacuum cleaner

The first thing you need to do is unpack the robot vacuum cleaner and get it ready to connect to your smartphone. It comes pre-charged so you can get started quickly. After unpacking the robot vacuum cleaner, refer to the accompanying manual.

2.Connect to the app

The manual will easily explain you how to download the app and connect to the vacuum cleaner. The process from the time you start until the robot vacuum cleaner is running takes between 5 to 7 minutes.

3.Easy once you get started

Once you have downloaded the app and connected, you will always have it available on your smartphone. So the next time you use it, just pick up the app and turn on the vacuum cleaner.
Should you encounter challenges along the way, you are always welcome to contact us, so we can explain exactly what to do.


Now the robot vacuum cleaner is ready to clean your home! The last step is very simple, and involves letting it follow the program you have set up, while at the same time enjoying that it does the job for you. You can always start a program on your robot vacuum cleaner no matter where you are.


If you want to come home to a shiny clean and nice floor after work on a Friday night - you have the opportunity to set this in the app from the office!