How to get started with Neatsvor

Are you ready to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner from Neatsvor, but are unsure of which type to choose and how to get started? Neatsvor has four different types of robot vacuum cleaners, and we will take a look at each of these now. Furthermore, we will show how to easily get started with a robot vacuum cleaner. Feel free to check out our website for even more information about us and our products!
As written in the introduction, Neatsvor has four different types of robot vacuum cleaners. All four robot vacuum cleaners have many similar qualities, but there are a few things that separate these from each other as well - we will take a closer look at this now:

Neatsvor X500:

The Neatsvor X500 is our most economical model. It's the lightest and easiest of all four robot vacuum cleaners, but with unique qualities like a 350ml water tank + 350ml large capacity dust container + remote operable app + suction denvas 3000 Pa, it cleans your floors too simply! All in all, this is the perfect robot hoover for you who wants the easiest and cheapest!


Neatsvor X520:

Neatsvor X520 is an upgrade from the model X500 with even higher suction power - of as much as 6000 PA. This model is therefore very effective and perfect for dog hair. With such a suction power, we can guarantee you that all dog hair and debris will be removed from both floors and carpets in your home. Not to forget its gorgeous design in the stylish color black, which results in an elegant look.


Natsvor X600:

Neatsvor X600 has better navigation technology than X520 and X500, and we have added a restricted area here. This means you can mark locations on the map that should not be vacuumed or mopped. The X600 has a suction power of 4000PA, a bucket with a built-in mop and sink, automatic charging, and can be controlled by App and Google Home. In other words-it has everything you need! Wear stylish black with white details. And its cleaning efficiency is very high.


Neatsvor X600 Pro:

  Neatsvor’s X600 Pro is the smartest robot vacuum cleaner we have ever produced, with a suction power of up to 6000 PA, which is very suitable for dog hair. It also has a built-in restricted area for climbing over 2 cm high edges, and is equipped with a mop, sink and bucket. Controlled by apps compatible with Google home. It is the product with the highest configuration and the best effect among all our models.

If you find it difficult to know which robot vacuum cleaner to buy, we will be very happy to help you along the way. We are committed to fast and good customer service, and we are ready to help you when you need it! Contact our customer service today, and we will answer you as soon as we can! We are so sure that you will be brilliantly satisfied with our products, that we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee should anything arise.