Fully Automation , no hands required

    People are lazy these days, that’s why robotic vacuum is ever exist, to replace our human to do dirty house work.
    Until now, there are already robotic vacuums which have auto empty dust station, auto wash mop pad station. But they still need our human to empty dust station or empty dirty water from mop pad station.
    Furthermore, there is no need for human to do any actions, robotic vacuum can do empty the dust station and empty dirty water tank by itself.
    This technology i believe it will come up real soon, this is one direction it will go.

    More “Human Like”

    AI technology has been hot topic for years until now.
    The latest AI technology can recognize up to 10 different objects on the floor.
    I believe in the future, robotic vacuum can fully recognize all the daily household objects, the number can be hundreds or thousands, we can imagine.

    Not only vacuum

    Vacuum is only one simple function that robot can do.
    The reason why only robotic vacuum is popular in general public is because the cost. The cost is still rarely high for adding more functions into robotic vacuum.
    On the other hand, robots will definitely become more important in our daily life as the technology development.
    Robotic vacuum can become robotic steward, be your home guard etc, it will become cheaper and easier to use as the time goes on.