While innumerable pathogens harbor the environment, you can effortlessly clear them with the help of an antibacterial floor cleaner. Disinfectants take your cleaning exercise to the next level since they eliminate all micro-organisms that cause diseases.

Consequently, they help stop the spread of contagious ailments that would otherwise wreak havoc if they spread. You have to find detergents and cleaning solutions that kill both bacteria and viruses for you to have a successful disinfecting exercise.

Now everything doesn't have to be such a hassle.

The Neatsvor T30 is equipped with a germicidal UV lamp to disinfect the floor while it is being cleaned.

T30 is equipped with UV sterilisation

The T30 disinfects the surface while cleaning the floor. The simultaneous vacuuming and mopping function reduces the accumulation of dust on the surface. There is no need to clean the floor with a disinfectant cleaner, which provides better care for the floor.

Better sweeping results

The T30 has been re-enforced with a disinfection function based on a functional study of most products on the market. Once mopping and sweeping is complete, the T30 uses a germicidal UV lamp to disinfect the floor. Only one step is needed, no stopping.

This process is relatively fast since you aim to remove soil, debris, and stains from the floor. You can scrub or mop the surface depending on the amount of dirt you are cleaning.

Currently priced at 350€, now on offer for only 199€

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