Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day 2022 is coming up! Thinking of a gift for mom?

How about giving your mom a robot vacuum cleaner? Think of the times when your mom worked hard to clean the floor and vacuumed even though she endured back pain. Use a robot vacuum cleaner for fully automatic cleaning right away!

Neatsvor has prepared a trio of events for Mother's Day, ready?

Event 1: Up to 40% off the mother's exclusive models X600PRO White and S600.

Event 2: From April 17 to May 7, you have a chance to get a free robot vacuum cleaner with the purchase of any model, and we will select 3 lucky customers on May 8 for free by random draw!

Event 3: From April 17 to May 7, you can get a free accessory kit with the purchase of a robot vacuum cleaner of the exclusive Mother's Day model (X600PRO white or S600).


1. Exclusive Mother's Day models are the X600PRO white and S600.

2. The free robot vacuum cleaner draw will take place on May 8 and the winners will be posted on our Facebook page.

3. People will be drawn based on their order number at the time of purchase, which can be found in the post-purchase email.

4. Accessory packages will be shipped separately from the robot vacuum cleaner. If you don't receive all the packages, please wait for a while or contact us.

5. This campaign is sponsored by Neatsvor and has nothing to do with Meta or Google.

6. The final right to explain the campaign belongs to Neatsvor.

Selection Guide:

X600PRO and S600 are our most powerful models, with intelligent navigation and superb cleaning ability, S600 comes with a dust collection bucket, which can do up to a month without cleaning the dust bin.

If your mom does not use smart devices and there is no WIFI at home, then you can choose our X500 and X520 models, both of which come with a remote control that can be used without a smartphone and WiFi.

Although our shipping time is only 3-7 days, we recommend early purchase in case you encounter shipping problems

Shop for the best Mother's Day gift NOW!

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