One of the main issues when it comes to vacuum equipment is vacuum storage, especially if you have limited space at home.

This is the reason why it is often important to consider storage options before you buy vacuum cleaners, especially since this type of equipment is a necessity in most homes and apartments.

Read on to know about the different storage options and how to find flexible storage solutions for the vacuum cleaner you have in your apartment.

Things to Consider When Looking for Vacuum Cleaning Storage Space

The Layout of the Apartment

Live in a small space with limited storage options? You may be hard-pressed to find ample storage space for your vacuum especially if you don't have a broom closet or even a laundry area that can double as storage space for cleaning supplies.

If you are working with large, ample space creating a nook or corner for cleaning supplies will be easier to do.

Frequency of Cleaning

You want your vacuum and other cleaning equipment to be easy to take in and out especially if you clean multiple times a week. This means finding a space that is easily accessible.

Size of Vacuum

The size of your vacuum also determines what kind of storage space will work for you.

If you have a bigger unit like a canister vacuum, you can store your equipment in an empty corner, in the closet, or even under furniture like your bed or the couch. You open up more storage options if you disassemble your vacuum after each use so it is easier to stow away.

Vacuum Cleaner Storage Ideas

Robot Vacuum

Most robot vacuums are small and relatively portable, without the lengthy cords and metal handles that characterize older vacuum models. This means that they are easier to park in spaces that are out of the way, such as under your work desk or the couch when not in use.

The  neatsvor X600 with a sleek charging station as well as LIDAR-based navigating technology which allows it to park itself after use, a pretty nifty feature when you are too busy to store your vacuum after it is done cleaning.

Most robot vacuums come packaged with their own charging ports which can easily be installed behind any door or the sofa as long as these places allow for ample movement when you need to charge the vacuum.