The most neglected cleaning areas in the home

Everyone wants a clean and fresh environment and puts extra effort into tidying up their house every day. However, there are several neglected areas of your home that need cleaning. Read on to find out more.

Which are the most neglected cleaning areas in your home?

You may clean your house every day, but there are still a few things you never think to clean. These areas never get much attention for several reasons.

People spend a lot of time making sure that everything goes on as usual and that the air in their homes is fresh. However, there are areas of your home that need cleaning but never get the most attention. they are an important aspect of a clean home and not cleaning them can affect the health of your family's life.

This article reveals the things that are most likely to be overlooked when organising your house.

a) Under the sofa

The bottom of the sofa is an area that is often forgotten to be cleaned, or even an area that is difficult to clean and rarely noticed during the cleaning process.

Unfortunately, due to the difficulty of cleaning and the ease of neglect, this area can easily accumulate waste and hide germs.

Many people will confess to you that they don't know when they last cleaned the bottom of their sofa. As a relaxing place for family gatherings, there is a chance that bits of snacks and other rubbish will collect under the sofa.

Pets may also hide their treasures under the sofa.


b) Under the table in the dining room

Three meals a day are basically spent in the dining room. This area is also one of the most difficult to clean.

Greasy or food residue can be left on the floor, which I'm sure is not something you want to see. This area may need to be cleaned more than once a day if you want to keep it clean all the time.

C)Under the bed

The dust under the bed is also due to the accumulation of dust over time. If you want to clean thoroughly, chances are you will need to lift the bed up or get underneath it to do so, which is not what we want.

D) Carpets

The easiest place in the home to hide dirt and harbour germs is the carpet. Carpets are also a favourite place for pets to rest.

Carpets can be a real pain to clean. It is time consuming to clean and very tiring to clean.


How to deep clean your home with the X600

Tidying up every corner of the house can be both tiring and time-consuming. However, there's no reason enough for anyone to feel comfortable in a less-than-clean home.

If time and efficiency are the issues, the X600 Sweeper Vacuum has the solution every homeowner will want to enjoy.

Featuring a 2500 mAh battery, the hoover has up to three suction modes to make every clean worth the time, a laser scan of the whole house and an automatic recharge after cleaning so you can clean without having to do it yourself.


Under sofas, under beds and dining areas are quickly built up to target the environment for efficient sweeping.

It covers an area of up to 150 square metres and thoroughly removes dirt and dust from every fibre of the carpet and rug.

It is fully automatic and automatically returns to the charging station to standby after cleaning.

Similarly, the X600 is equipped with a roller brush + 2 side brushes, which remove all dirt and dust hidden out of reach.


The X600 is equipped with 4000 PA of suction power, powerful enough to easily clean all types of floors in the house.

4000 PA of suction power can pick up bits of snacks, dust, sand and even small steel balls directly.We have used new noise reduction technology for the product's air ducts to limit the annoying hoover noise.

It comes with a 350ml water tank, loaded with a 3-step water output adjustment, which enhances wet mopping for most of the floor materials in the market today.


In addition, the X600 is equipped with an app control function that allows it to be controlled directly from a remote location. The app shows you the cleaning map directly, and with one touch of a button the X600 automatically goes to work cleaning the whole house.

It gives you a break from daily cleaning, ensures thorough cleaning and reduces fatigue.