Sustainability and the environment are something we at Neatsvor place high demands on. There is no planet B, and we are therefore helping to reduce factors that cause damage to our environment. Neatsvor has implemented several sustainable measures to create a more environmentally friendly robot vacuum cleaner. We therefore have a fixed goal to start with new measures continuously. In this way, we add value to our planet, instead of destroying it.

 Let's go into the various sustainable factors we have so far.

Less use of energy!

A robotic vacuum cleaner from Neatsvor vacuums and wets your floor at the same time! It cleans all floor surfaces and carpets throughout your house, as well as in all rooms. In this way, the robot vacuum cleaner will use less energy to perform several things at once. It will also not be an equally good indoor climate if you perform the cleaning yourself.

All in all, you save the environment for energy use at the same time as you get increased health benefits. Robotic vacuum cleaners use more energy than a regular manual vacuum cleaner - but here it is important to think about a robotic vacuum cleaner performing several types of cleaning at the same time, and doing a bigger job than a manual one. A robotic vacuum cleaner uses less power per unit of time than if you were to vacuum and wash manually.


Sustainable dust container

Unlike manual vacuum cleaners, Neatsvor is sustainable in that all robotic vacuum cleaners contain a dust container that can be easily emptied, rinsed and put back - reusable. The vast majority of manual vacuum cleaners use bags that must be replaced every time it gets full and strains the environment with unnecessary production and waste. Here you save time, money and energy by having a dust container instead of a dust bag.


Our plan further

We will continue to reduce the environmentally harmful impact on society, and will be part of a society that stands together to save our planet. There are three dimensions of sustainability, and our main focus will be on climate and the environment. Here, it is desirable that we help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources. We are constantly working to present measures that can help us become a more sustainable company.