Carpets are a great interior decor item that most homes have invested in, but how often they should be cleaned has always been a matter of debate. Some experts recommend at least once a week, but others advise a biweekly cleaning routine. Also, get to learn how to choose the right vacuum.

Why Do We Need to Vacuum Less for Carpet?

Cleanliness has been said to be second to godliness, but that does not mean homeowners have to go overboard in maintaining a clean home. One should vacuum less for carpet because it helps to:

Protect the Fiber of the Carpet

Wool carpets are made by spinning wool fibers together to make yarn, and when subjected to the rough treatment of beater brushes, such wool carpet fibers pull away from the yarn. Since the beater brush's bristles are made from nylon, the rubbing action can be too abrasive on the fibers causing them to be pulled and torn.


Increase the Lifespan of the Carpet

The general lifespan of a carpet is five to fifteen years, depending on the construction, after which it starts aging and fibers begin to wear out. Although that would be natural wear and tear, frequent vacuuming would speed up the aging process. A carpet that would have lasted for five years before its fibers were torn starts aging in three years or less.

As a buyer, one is expected to follow a certain cleaning and maintenance routine for the carpet warranty to be valid.For texture retention, which basically covers texture damage, and wears warranty covering deterioration, the carpet has to meet a certain threshold for manufacturers to compensate for the damage.

In most cases, manufacturers demand that carpet loses at least 10% of fiber before it can be replaced. Too much vacuuming will have the carpet deteriorating without even reaching the threshold; thus, one is left with a worn-out irreplaceable carpet.

How can you vacuum less and still keep your carpets clean?

When you vacuum your carpet correctly, you can help protect your carpet from too much wear and tear. There are different ways to keep your carpet clean without vacuuming it too often. Here are three tips.


Take off Your Shoes

Encourage visitors to leave shoes at the entrance to avoid tracking mud and dust into the house and onto the carpet. If taking shoes off is not an option, one can opt for a microbial mat at the home entrance. It may not be as effective as removing shoes, but it will reduce the bacteria and amount of dirt entering the home.Clean Carpet Stains Locally.

Upon spilling tea or wine on the carpet, there is no need to clean the entire carpet. Instead, clean the stains immediately because once it stains, getting rid of it will be a headache. To locally clean a stain increases the lifespan of the carpet by preventing frequent scrubbing of the carpet fibers.


Engage Professionals

Some manufacturers will declare a warranty void because one did not engage professionals in the maintenance process. Besides keeping the warranty valid, professional cleaning at least twice a year keeps the carpet clean and maintains it for longer.

Choose the Right Vacuum for Your Carpet

Getting the right cleaning equipment can be hectic given the many vacuum cleaners available. Most vacuum cleaners are designed for cleaning wide areas, but some, like the neatsvor robot vacuum, are ideal for small area cleaning. Since different vacuums cater to different needs, always look for one that suits your home, taking into account pets, children, and stairs.


The general recommendation for cleaning carpets is once a week, but too much of anything has adverse effects. Keeping the carpet clean does not necessarily have to be from frequent vacuuming. Locally cleaning the carpet, taking shoes off, and engaging professionals are a few tips to vacuum less and maintain cleanliness. Additionally, when purchasing a vacuum, always ensure that it can meet the home's specific needs.