Cleaning the floor is something that everyone is very annoying about. After a busy day of work and a tired body, it takes time to clean the floor. Drag a corded vacuum cleaner to vacuum, and use a dirty mop to mop the floor which makes us feel boring and time-consuming


With the development of technology, robot vacuum cleaners have reached the point where they can replace humans. But with so many brands and models of robot vacuum cleaners, how should I choose the right one?


There are two factors that need to be considered most when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner: cleaning strength and intelligence


The cleaning force can be judged by the suction power. The greater the suction power, the stronger the cleaning effect. For the smallest suction power of the neatsvor product: the X500, also has 3000Pa suction power, and the X600PRO and X520 even reach 6000Pa, which can easily collect dust and garbage when passing the floor. 


For the intelligence, it will seriously affect the experience of the robot, which will distinguish whether a robot vacuum cleaner is a robot or a machine


There are currently four types of robot vacuum cleaners in the market: random, gyroscope navigation, visual navigation, and laser navigation


For random types of robots, the price is cheap, but the robot cannot be planned intelligently. It only cleans chaotically through the motor drive. If it hits an obstacle, it will randomly change the direction and re-travel, and it is impossible to judge whether the area has been cleaned. This will cause part of your room to be cleaned by robots many times, but the robot may never arrive the garbage in front of you. Since this type of robot is just a machine, neatsvor does not sell this type of robot vacuum cleaner.


For the gyroscope navigation robot, the robot uses its equipped gyroscope navigation system to plan the path, knows whether the area has been cleaned or not, knows its position, and can clean with the N path. Neatsvor's X500 and X520 models are equipped The precise and accurate three-dimensional gyroscope navigation system can make precise path planning for your room and clean every corner


For the visual navigation system, the camera placed in the front of the robot is used for path planning and recognition. Because it uses vision, it cannot work at night and in dim rooms. At the same time, the vision is flat when the robot calculates and cannot be more accurate identification and planning


For the most advanced laser navigation system, the principle is to use the laser camera mounted on the top of the robot to recognize the room through the emitted and returned laser, which can quickly identify the room and obstacles. Plan routes more intelligently through algorithms, such as cleaning along the longest side of the room to reduce robot turns and improve cleaning efficiency.


At the same time, the robot can accurately determine its own location, which allows us to set the place where the robot should not go in the APP, such as the carpet at home. The robot will automatically go around after reaching the prohibited area you set. neatsvor's X600/X600PRO and S600 are equipped with the highest precision robot vacuum cleaner



  • Random cleaning robot vacuum cleaner experience is very poor, it is not recommended to consider
  • If your room is not very big and there is no carpet in your home, you can consider X500 and X520 models.
  • X520 has greater suction power and battery life for X500. If you want better cleaning effect, please consider X520
  • If the room is large, and there are carpets and areas in your home that you don’t want to be cleaned by robots, please consider X600 and X600PRO with laser navigation systems.
  • If you want better cleaning results, please consider X600PRO with upgraded battery life and suction power.
  • For visual navigation, it is not recommended to consider it because of its accuracy problems and the problem of not working at night
  • Finally, the S600 with an automatic dust bucket allows you to clean the dust box within a month. The robot will automatically collect the dust and garbage in the dust box into the dust bucket after the cleaning is completed. There is no need to clean the dust box frequently.

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