How Neatsvor Robot Help You Make a Work and Life Balance?

As you can see, most people like their homes to be very neat and clean, but it takes a lot of time to clean. Being a neat person isn't a bad thing, but it can cost you a lot of time, and it's just not worth it.

And the time spent cleaning takes away from the time you have to enjoy your life. That's something we don't want.


How to make a balance?

We cannot give up a higher quality of life time just because we need cleanliness and a house. In theory, a tidy and clean environment is a prerequisite for a good life.

To avoid this conflict, the neatsvor robot family is a worthy trouble-shooter.


Powerful suction

The neatsvor robot family is equipped with powerful suction power to tackle all kinds of waste. The high suction power can pick up small steel balls, and with the optimisation of our air duct design, the suction power is even stronger, but the sound does not interfere with normal life. It completely frees up your hands.


All-round sweeping

neatsvor Robot family does not let go of any corners of your home, even the most easily overlooked places, such as under the bed, behind the curtains, on the bookshelves, in the storage room, on high countertops, and other dead corners where dust can easily accumulate. With the multi-mode functions, any particles or dust can not escape their eyes.


Fully- automated cleaning

Play the role of a steward, neatsvor Robot family will never let you down. With APP, you can take control of your steward wherever you are and whenever you need. Open the APP, schedule a cleaning, or even designate cleaning areas is all you need to do, easy and simple.


Customized function

As a sweet assistant, the neatsvor Robot family even offers you customized services. For example, you can tell your robot where to clean and where not to, or even assign the optimizing cleaning path to follow. What’s more, you can adjust the brushing rate to match different floor conditions and materials. I bet that will be a big surprise!


Huge battery capacity

With the super huge battery capacity, neatsvor Robot will be always around you and offer services.

There is no need to frequently charge or recharge, which will save you a lot of time and make sure highly efficient work.


With the help of the neastvor robot family

you can do the following things at home

Exercise, make food, catch up on TV shows, play games and spend time with your family.

Every little bit of time you save will give you a better return.