Why is a robot hoover the perfect choice for Christmas gifts?     


Imagine that you are done at work, and the only goal you have for the evening is to throw yourself on the couch and watch some episodes of your favorite series on Netflix. When you get home, the floor is spotless, both vacuumed and moped. The smiley face is pulled out to the extreme, and the sofa is ready to be taken.

This is the life of someone with a robot vacuum cleaner, but is it really worth the money?



Today's robust vacuum cleaners outsmart man!

It may sound too good to be true, but over the years, robot vacuum cleaners have become wiser. Now there are models that are controlled directly from the phone and can both vacuum and wet mop all types of floor surfaces.

They themselves make sure not to crash with the walls and interior, and have smart sensors to prevent them from driving down stairs and the like. If you are still the type who likes to pull out the vacuum cleaner and mop in two rounds in the old way, a robot vacuum cleaner is probably not the right thing for you.


With this machine, you can avoid having to think about the cleaning job at all, as it does everything for you and drives back to its charging station at the end of the wash.


The models are designed differently

To meet a wider range of needs, the products are available in various models. Each model has its own design principle. And optimised for different home environments, they can deliver a better experience.


If the goal of the robot vacuum cleaner is to have a shiny clean floor every day on large floor surfaces in, for example, the office or at home, a more powerful model with suction and washing may be the right thing for you.


Saves you a lot of time

One of the most commonly used reasons why people are now buying more and more robotic vacuum cleaners is simply that the average person has less time. We have more things to deal with than before, and then housework is often downgraded.


Jobs, school, children, love life, social media, friendships and hobbies are among the things that make many people stress more than necessary, and also an external reason why they choose to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner and rather use the time they get extra with the children.


Gives the same result as manual vacuuming

Advanced algorithms and autopilot ensure that the robot vacuum cleaners arrive in even the most difficult places. On several modern models, you can also select an explicit part of the floor that the robot vacuum cleaner will run on, and whether it will only vacuum or only mop, or a combination of both.


It's not just a Christmas gift surprise, it also keeps a cosy home environment. A practical and meaningful product. Yes, it is exactly what you want.