How you can use your vacuum cleaner better

Remember to clean the dust collection box


How long it takes you to empty your robot hoover depends entirely on how you use it and how you maintain this sturdy hoover. It can take anywhere from 1 to 4 days. Once you see that the dust collection box is full, you can easily empty the inside of the dust collection box into the waste bin.

If you have pets in the house, we recommend that you empty the dust collection container after 6 hours of frequent use. You will quickly notice that the dust collection box is full.


Remember to clean the filter

The filter should be cleaned between every five and ten cleaning cycles or approximately once every fortnight. You can easily remove it from the robot vacuum cleaner and tap it gently against the bin. You will then quickly see the dirt and dust that the filter has dragged into the robot vacuum cleaner.

You can also clean the filters with a hand-held hoover or use a soft brush to remove dust from the bin (and prevent your hands from getting dirty).

Please start cleaning when the robot hoover is at the charging station

Normally the robot hoover returns to the charging station when it has finished cleaning. Waking up from the charging station and cleaning helps to quickly scan the entire house and map the cleaning route.


Regular cleaning of side and roller brushes

Once you need to empty the dust collection box, you can remove the side and roller brushes and clean by hand. You can use the cleaning tool included in the box, which helps to keep the vacuuming robot in good cleaning condition.


Set timed start

You can simply set the time and let the robot hoover do the cleaning automatically, without having to start it manually. You can enjoy your life. You can get out of the house, go on holiday and you can do it all on the app. Yes, it's convenient.

And the App will map your home to you and will show you how your home is currently being cleaned.


If you have any questions about our floor sweepers, you are welcome to contact our customer service for a pleasant chat!