The Christmas event is here! Neatsvor has a big event planned for Christmas, ready? Event 1: All products are currently in the Christmas event with discounts of up to 40% or more. Event 2: S600, X600pro , X600 and X520 are available with additional discounts at the time of purchase. (Discounts will be applied automatically when placing an order) Selection Guide:



X600PRO and S600 are our most powerful models, with intelligent navigation and superb cleaning ability, S600 comes with a dust collection bucket, which can do up to a month without cleaning the dust bin. If you or someone in your family does not use a smart device and there is no WIFI at home, then you can opt for our X500 and X520 models, both of which come with a remote control that can be used without a smartphone and WIFI. Although our shipping time is only 3-7 days, we recommend early purchase in case you encounter shipping problems Get the best Christmas gifts now!

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