Still vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner? Still mopping with a traditional mop? Still need to manually clean the mop after mopping? Do you feel that your waist is about to break after cleaning the floor?

For traditional floor cleaning, we need to use a vacuum cleaner to absorb larger particles and dust, and then use a mop for secondary cleaning, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

If the filtration of the vacuum cleaner is not good enough, it will cause dust to diffuse into the air, which is not only harmful to the respiratory system, but also makes dusty areas that are not cleaned frequently

If you encounter wet garbage and difficult kitchen waste (such as ketchup, pasta, dropped eggs), you need to clean it up by hand in advance, which is very disgusting

Now, you can completely solve these troubles with T30!

First of all, it can solve the work of vacuuming and mopping at one time. It is equipped with a brushless motor imported from Japan, so that the T30 can generate a suction force of up to 13000Pa in an easy-to-operate volume.

The powerful suction makes the T30 easy to suck up liquids too, which allows the T30 not only to vacuum, but also to suck up difficult wet garbage, such as milk, juice, disgusting ketchup, and even eggs that fall on the floor, without having to deal with it manually

For fine dust, T30 uses a 1000ml clean water tank to load clean water, and it will continuously inject clean water into the front roller brush, so the roller brush is always wet, which ensures that all The fine dust will be adsorbed on the roller brush instead of being diffused into the air, and then through the powerful suction of the T30, the sewage mixed with dust will be sucked into the sewage tank. This is a revolutionary cleaning method!

After cleaning, just place the T30 on the base station and it will turn on the automatic cleaning mode, and the cleaned roller will be as clean as new! No more wasting time cleaning mops!

All you need to do is to take the T30 for a walk in the room that needs to be cleaned. After the cleaning is completed, dump the sewage tank, all the floor cleaning work is completed! That's it!

Want to kill bacteria on the floor? Still considering a steam mop? T30 comes with a high-efficiency ultraviolet germicidal lamp, just take the T30 to pass, 99% of the bacteria will gone, let your baby enjoy clean floor!

Surprisingly, all of this cleaning is cordless! Ditch those vacuums and steam mops with long cords. T30 carries a large-capacity battery, and the base station can always ensure the power so that the T30 is available at any time

Scared of the noise of the vacuum cleaner? Thanks to the brushless motor of T30, the noise generated by the whole machine during use is much lower than that of old-fashioned vacuum cleaners, and cleaning is a beautiful thing

For after sales, neatsvor provides up to 1 year warranty and 15 days return service. don't like it? We will bring it back!

Now, neatsvor T30 is on sale! In order to make more convenient cleaning tools available to more families, the original price of 458€ is on sale for a limited time of 249€!

Stock is limited, while stocks last, get yours now!

Neatsvor, one of the most advanced robot technology company, we design and built cleaning robots for the purpose of liberating more human resources. Neatsvor focuses solely on building high quality, more affordable products over the past years.

Neatsvor has an excellent R&D team with more than 180 engineers, core members from world-famous university with 90% gotten Master degree, Neatsvor obtained more than 100 patents in the field of home robots(practical patents, designs, software patents, etc.)

We have warehouses in Spain, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, the United States, Australia, Brazil, Enjoy the fastest and most convenient local shipping service.

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